Providing Superior Financial Services Since 1958


The Dillon Employees Credit Union was founded in 1958 to provide financial services specifically for the employees of the Dillon Companies.  The credit union offices were located at the Dillon's Main Office and Warehouse location at 2700 East Fourth Street, Hutchinson, Kansas.


In March of 2009, Dillon Credit Union expanded the field of membership and is now open to the public to better serve the community and changed our name to "Dillon Credit Union".


In 2011, DCU moved to a new location at 2704 North Lorraine, while still maintaining our branch in our original location at the The Dillon Companies headquarters on Fourth Street.



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Open An


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  • Automobiles


  • Personal Credit Line


  • Consumer Loans
  • Savings


  • Checking


  • Investment / IRAs


  • Money Markets
  • Purchase or Remodel


  • Variety of Loan Types


  • Loans up to 95%

 Terms to Know to Stay Safe from Fraudsters



Scammers, hackers and fraudsters can make your life miserable. Here’s some terms to know to keep your data and identity safe.


Malware that invades a computer system and prevents you from accessing your data, files or information. Fraudsters then demand a ransom be paid to allow access. To stay safe, back up data, only download software from trusted sites and don’t open attachments from email senders you don’t recognize. Report ransomware to the FBI through the Internet Crime Complaint Center:


Individuals are encouraged to click through to fraudulent sites, give personal information about themselves or even send money.


Scammers call you to get personal information or trick you into giving access to your computer or accounts. Most of the time, fraudsters will impersonate a trusted company and use urgency to get victims to act quickly. 


Using SMS text messaging, you are tricked into downloading a virus onto your phone. 


Uses domain spoofing (in which the domain appears authentic) to redirect users to copies of popular websites where personal data like user names, passwords and financial information can be ‘farmed’ and collected for fraudulent use.


Always be mindful of links, strange emails or unusual phone calls or messages. If you suspect it’s suspicious, you are probably right.

We want to be YOUR financial institution.


dillon credit union logoWhen you choose a financial institution, you are making a decision that will impact you for years to come. There are many Hutchinson Banks and Hutchinson Credit Unions, but none that can provide you with more personal and friendly experience than what you will find at the Dillon Credit Union.



Need To Order Checks?


Order your checks online from Harland Clarke, our preferred provider.

Got Data?


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If you have a data phone or tablet, whether it is an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can download and use our convenient mobile banking application for free! Do your banking 24/7.  Check balances and make transfers or payments, no matter where you are!


Ready For A New Vehicle?


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Check out our NEW SPECIAL rates on new loans for you to replace your current vehicle.


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Safeguard Your Family!


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Protect your family from financial risks with Credit Disability and Credit Life insurance on all your loans.  These inexpensive policies will make the payments on your DCU loans should you be unable to pay due to illness, injury or death.


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